Universities That Are Not Under ASUU 2023

Complete list of Universities not under ASUU

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Universities Not Under ASUU 2023: After diligently making a lot of research and background studies, This article has been written to give details about Universities that are not under ASUU in 2023 as well as other information concerning the academic Union.

ASUU is an academic association in Nigeria that is supposed to embody all University teaching staff I.e lecturers in the various universities across the country. Their counterpart is the Non-Academic Staff Union NASU, which represents the university workers who are not lecturers.

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, (ASUU) is probably the most known educational union in Nigeria owing to their incessant fallout with the Federal government of Nigeria leading to the incessant strike actions and disruption of the academic calendars of the Universities under the Union.

In this post, we take a look at detailed insight into the Union, reasons for it’s establishment and Universities which are not under the ASUU umbrella in 2023.

Furthermore, we also take a look at the Congress of Universities Academics CONUA a splinter from ASUU and the schools under this faction.

The Struggles of ASUU from History to date

ASUU was established in the year 1978 as the grand successor of the Nigerian Association of Universities Teachers NAUT, which was originally established far back around 1965.

It is a Nigerian Union of all Universities Academic Staffs that seeks to fight for the welfare and effectiveness of the Nigerian Universities lecturers.

ASUU has long been known for her rugged and dogged struggle even against the military régime in the 1980s. Between 1988- 1994 the Union had already undergone a nationwide strike up to about four to five times notably in 1988 in which the Union asked for fair wages for her members and for autonomy of Universities.

This led to the proscription and seizure of all the Union’s properties, on the 7th of August, 1988. However in 1990 ASUU was allowed to resume in 1990 but would later be banned in 1992 for staging another industrial action.

In 1992,both ASUU and the government found a middle ground as they both agreed on several demands of the Union chiefly among which were right of workers and collective bargaining.

Without prevarications, what comes to the mind of every students and Nigerian at large whenever ASUU is mentioned is ‘Strike’. The Academic Union is well known for going loggerheads with the government over the latter inconsistencies and unfaithfulness to their promises regarding the welfare of the University staff.

This has always resulted into unintended short and long strikes by the University lecturers. Since inception, ASUU has staged many national strikes but notably among them are highlighted below

    • 1988: The Union asked for fair wages and university autonomy. How long the strike lasted for is unknown.
    • 1994 and 1996: ASUU protested against the callous dismissal of staffs by the Sank Abacha led administration.
    • 2007: There was another 3-month strike.
    • 2008: A double one week strike in May to demand for improved salary structure and reinstatement of about 50 lecturers who were sacked few year before that time.
    • 2009 : An indefinite strike was staged to demand for the fulfilment of the resolutions the government had earlier made with them years back.


  • 2013: The longest ASSU strike was recorded in the year 2013 when the Union refused to get back to work for about 5 months. The strike started from July 2013, lasted for 5 months and was eventually called off after resolving her differences with the President Goodluck Jonathan led government.

Why are Some Universities not Under ASUU

From all that has been said above, it is obvious that ASUU has no other means of making fruitful negotiations with the Nigerian government other than to embark on warning and sometimes elongated strikes which has often resulted into disruptions in academic calendars of the Universities under the canopy of ASUU.

Consequently, this has led to withdrawal of membership by some universities who cannot continue to cope with the uncertainties that comes with ASUU frequent industrial actions as well as many irregularities that come with the management of the board.

Federal University not Under ASUU

Most Federal Universities staffs are members of the Academic Union and outrightly partake in any of the decisions made by the body. However, the following Federal Universities are not under ASUU as at 2022 and does not partake in the industrial actions organized by the Union.

These Universities include
University of Ilorin: The University of lorin has long distance herself from the Academic staff Union of Universities ASUU and in 2015 celebrated 10 years of uninterrupted academic calendar
For more information on the university official website

Other Federal Universities which are currently not with ASUU include;

State Universities not Under ASUU

Although the State Universities are primary managed by the state government and largely from students tuition, the Academic staffs of these universities belong to ASUU as well.

However some of the state university have withdrawn their membership from the Union
These institutions include;

Delta State University

Located at Abraka and Popularly known as DELSU. Even as one of thetop state Universities in Nigeria , Delta state University parted ways with ASUU in 2015 or thereabout and ever since has been enjoying stable and undisrupted academic calendar.

Ambrose Alli University

Recently, Ambrose Alli University together with some federal and state University boycotted ASUU for another academic Union known as the Congress of University Academics CONUA.

This takes us to our next subject of discussion in this post. Continue reading……….

What is CONUA

Congress of Universities Academics CONUA is another university academic Union that broke away from ASUU a few years ago. CONUA decided to decided to break away from ASUU due to delays in the academic calendar and incessant strike actions.

The Union started at the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife and has already gained recognition and membership from Federal and State Universities across the country that were formally under ASUU.

These Institutions under CONUA include

  • Obafemi Awolowo University
  • Ambrose Alli University
  • Kwara State University
  • Federal University Oye Ekiti
  • Federal University Lokoja

Private Universities not Under ASUU

Even from it’s description ‘Private University’, it is obvious that unlike government varsities and higher institutions, Private university lecturers and academic staffs are not under ASUU.

Consequently, they are free from all insistences and actions leading to unnecessary elongation of study duration for which ASUU happens to be the culprit.

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